• Edenton NC harbor
  • 309 Bistro, Edenton, NC
  • Edenton Coffee House
  • Edenton Coffee House
  • Street Musician, Edenton, North Carolina
  • Side Street Studio, Edenton NC
  • Edenton Farmers Market
  • Playground at Edenton NC Waterfront Park
  • Concert in downtown Edenton NC
  • Music at Edenton Bay Trading Company
  • Taylor Movie Theater, Edenton, NC
  • Broad Street, Edenton, NC

Downtown Edenton, NC

Edenton’s main street is Broad Street, so named for the row of trees that once grew down it’s center. Today, Broad Street remains the heart of Edenton. The street is lined with busy restaurants, boutiques, galleries, a movie theatre, and a variety of other retail and office spaces. Our historic downtown commercial district is alive and well.