• Edenton signpost

Town of Edenton

The exact year of the settlement of what is now Edenton will probably never be known. In the mid 1500’s, Amadas and Barlow, explorers from one of the initial Raleigh expeditions, entered the waters of the Chowan River. They reported finding an established colony of Indians, numbering 800 and known as the Chowanokes. As far back as 1658, fearless adventurers from the Jamestown, Virginia area drifted down the eastern streams and wilderness, discovering a location on the bank of a natural harbor of exquisite beauty. The site would become Edenton.

“So here in this region was established the first permanent settlement in North Carolina, the “mothertown” of the State. Edenton at once became the focal point of civilization in the Province, the capital of the Colony and the home of the Royal Governors. Supposedly incorporated in 1715 as “The Towne on Queen Anne’s Creek,” and running through a subsequent diversity of titles such as “Ye Towne on Mattercommack Creek” and “The Port of Roanoke,” in 1722 the spot was named Edenton in honor of Governor Charles Eden.”

Text taken from statelibrary.dcr.state.nc.us