• Roanoke River Lighthouse, Edenton NC

Historic Lighthouse, Edenton, NC

May 23, 2007, will go down in history as being the day that the 1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse found its new home on the shore of Edenton Bay in Colonial Park. Under local leadership, and with the assistance of the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, this exceptional feat was accomplished - placing it where it will be restored and become an attraction for visitors and residents.

This, one of the few screw-pile lights left in the world, and the only screw-pile lighthouse left in the US, had marked the entrance to the Roanoke River near Plymouth on the Albemarle Sound until abandoned in 1940. It was vacant for about 15 years and then bought by Mr. Elijah Tate along with two other lighthouses, but the other two were accidentally demolished in an attempt to be removed.

Mr. Emmett Wiggins, a World War II Navy Engineer Captain and Underwater Salvager, bought the lighthouse from Mr. Tate. He performed a supposed engineering feat by recovering the lighthouse and transporting it to Edenton placing it on land at the mouth of Filbert’s Creek. Mr. Wiggins lived in the lighthouse until 1995 and it remained in his family after his death.

In May 2007, the structure officially became the property of the Edenton Historical Commission and was moved to its new home where it will be part of the Heritage Tourism efforts for many years to come. Furnished with period antiques, the light house is now open to the public. Tickets are available for purchase on site.

Text taken from visitedenton.com.