• The Penelope Barker House in Edenton NC

Barker House, Edenton, NC

“Moved to a waterfront location in 1952 and renovated for the Edenton Visitor Center, the Barker-Moore House, or just the Barker House as it is commonly known, is a landmark in the town’s architectural landscape. It is best known as the home of Penelope Barker (1728-1796), the reputed leader of the famed Edenton Tea Party in 1774, and her husband, Thomas Barker (1713-1789), a successful lawyer, planter, and colonial agent. It was also, for over 120 years, the home of Augustus Moore (1803-1851) and his descendants, a family of attorneys and jurists during the nineteenth century.

Originally situated on five lots, the house was located at what is now 209 South Broad Street. The house has undergone several changes, perhaps in as many as three eras.”

The house, and gift shop within, are owned and maintained by the Edenton Historical Commission. The Commission has made the Barker House, often referred to as Edenton’s Living Room, available for the enjoyment of residents and visitors 364 days a year. Trolley tours originate here, and the LiberTea's home port is at the town dock adjacent.

Text taken from Edenton: An Architectural Portrait by Tom Butchko