• Hayes Plantation, Edenton NC
  • Mount Auburn, Edenton NC
  • Mulberry Hill, Edenton, North Carolina
  • Greenfield, Edenton NC
  • The Speight House, Edenton, North Carolina
  • Beverly Hall, Edenton NC
  • Wessington, Edenton, North Carolina
  • Pembroke Hall, Edenton NC
  • Millen-Hathaway Frances House, Edenton, North Carolina
  • Historic Home, Edenton NC
  • Edenton Cotton Mill Village home

Architecture in Edenton, NC

Stroll along shady streets past handsome period homes and historic landmarks. One of Edenton’s most distinctive features is a dense grid system that offers a wide variety of architectural styles in the same neighborhood. The Historic District is bordered by the waters of Edenton Bay, and envelops a bustling downtown business district.